about me


name: mohammad atiq ullah
age: 20 (3rd june)
from: pakistan
city: karachi
live: xi’an (china)
born: kuwait
nick: masoom

i am atiq , a 20 year old boy from karachi, pakistan. i have lived all my life in kuwait, as i was born in kuwait but in mid 2005, i came to xian, china for my higher studies. but unfortunately i had to learn chinese before studying medical. n finally now i have passed “hsk” (chinese language exam) n my medical semester will be starting soon.

surfing on internet is my favorite thing to do. i like cricket and football in sport and these days i started to take interest in tennis too. counter strike is best in pc games and i enjoy playing “here come the pain” and “raw vs samckdown” in ps2. i like watching movies a lot and listening music gives me pleasure. my favorite singers are ahmed jahanzaib, alka yagnik, avril lavinge, britney spears and sonu nigam. in cars i like lamborgini (all models) and hummer2. i would love to drive them. i like to eat pakistani food and i think arabic food tastes good too. i have tried chinese and italian but didn’t liked it much. may favorites dishes are haleem and achar gosht cooked by ammi.

i see my future towards medicine. at this point of life i would prefer to be a surgeon than a physician but don’t know where life takes me or what is better for me.

“beauty is not in the face but a light in the heart” – unknown
“past yesterday, unborn tomorrow and why we fret when today be sweet” – unknown

i think thats enough about me to reveal. geminians are said to have dual personality and i think i have it but could not explore it fully till now.


11 thoughts on “about me

  1. Omer says:

    wah G wah,,,,great profile mate::::

    U will be a surgeon one day:D:D

    thats enough man!!!

    take care and keep up the hard work,cuz Pakistan desperately needs people like US:D:D:D


  2. aatif says:

    welcome to the world of blogs πŸ™‚ atiq.. i know this guy from ages. we’ve been very good friends.. the most special thing about our friendship is the date of birth πŸ˜› year, we both were born on the same day, same year – 3rd june 1986.. that makes us gemini and proud πŸ˜› anyway bro, good luck in blogging and also good luck in your future of medicine.. take care!

  3. VickeY says:

    Thats ok if ur new .. but u r doing a gr8 job .. never knew u were interesting in these stuff πŸ˜‰ .. neways keep ur the good work … and good luck for ur future pal … Chao πŸ˜›

  4. amina says:

    hey .. u know wat …. im awed by the fact that u know chinese… kooooool … wow … take care

  5. gaseb says:

    very nice to go through the site…..

  6. azlifa says:


  7. anaum says:

    great profile man.i really like it.may God bless u.take care.bye

  8. samad says:

    kau ni burit babi!!! wooi atiq kote kau hilang douh!!!
    very nice this site
    macam babi mak kau..
    Rambut megi punye lahnat!!!!
    great man
    bapok babi ayam kurap kote…
    that’s all
    luve so much

  9. shruti says:


  10. Aahana says:

    Hi Masoom,

    Well when you start with your nick name then I would like to represent myself with my pen name than my actual name. Am “Aahana”. Its really good to see your blog. An impressive look and down to earth words. You will surely become a good surgeon because you are a good human. And shall look forward to visit your blog regularly and all the very best.


  11. Sara says:

    Hello Atiq, Nice blog. Just wondered, how long did it take you to learn Chinese? How many hours a day or days per week? Would be interesting to know..

    Good luck with your studies.


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